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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is BuyBack token?

BuyBack is a native token living on binance smart chain, its a deflationary token, that distribute in a automated way the fees to holders, burning wallet, buyback wallets, and at the same time funding the team and marketing for long term sustainability.

What are the BuyBack Wallets and what are they used for?

Both wallets are responsable to add liquidity, support market stability, manage team funds and make external investments to create passive income to reinvest into the BuyBack ecosystem.

Whats the maximum supply of BuyBack Token?

Buyback have a maximum supply of 10 000 000 000 billion tokens and no more can be issued.

How mutch fees per transaction BuyBack have?

The máximum fees per transaction is 5%.

What happens to the fees after being deducted from the transaction?

The fees will be distribute automaticly in the follow way:
  • 💰 0.5% Gets reflected proportionally to holders.
    🔥 0.5% Gets burned forever, deflating overall supply.
    📡 0.5% Marketing Wallet - for promoting the token. 👨🏽‍💻 1.75% Buyback Wallet, empowering the token, liquidity creators, traders, external investments. 👨🏽‍💻 1.75% BuyBack Wallet, empowering the token, liquidity creators, traders, external investments.
  • - For more details check Tokenomics page here.

How can i get some BuyBack Tokens?

You can Buy it on Pancakeswap the most secure dex on Binance Smart Chain at the time of writing this message, and on another plataforms check it here, if you need some instructions just check How to Buy Here.

Where Buy Back will be listed?

BuyBack team will start to listing on most of the price index plataforms, mobile apps, and when possible will start to make CEX listings aswell, partnerships will happen everytime its possible to acomplish the deal.

When was BuyBack Token Launch?

BuyBack was launch on June day 1, 2021, between 5 pm and 6pm.

What is Alliance Protocol?

Alliance Protocol is a service that is designed to act as a launch pad for new tokens, our alliances are directlly connected with BBT liquidty also, that create a use cause for BBT and also utility for our partners.